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  “Whether the world on the whole is particularly served by great geniuses, because they often take new paths and open new prospects; or whether mechanical minds, with their commonplace understanding that advances slowly on the rod and staff of experience, even if they are not epoch-making (for if none of them excites admiration, it is true that they also cause no disorder), have contributed most to the growth of the arts and sciences, may remain undiscussed here.“ 

— Kant, Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View (1798),
AA VII: 226



Prof. Dr. Nina A. Dmitrieva

Head of the Lab


Prof. Dr. Vadim A. Chaly

Main Researcher


Dr. habil. Mikhail Yu. Zagirnyak

Leading Researcher


Dr. Sergey V. Lugovoy

Senior Researcher


Dr. Andrey S. Zilber

Senior Researcher

Scientific Coordinator


Dr. David O. Rozhin

Research Fellow


Anatoly G. Pushkarsky

Junior Research Fellow


Sergio Fuentes

Junior Research Fellow


Nikita V. Kalinin

Scientific Assistant


Inna N. Smirnova

Administrative Assistant


Students and doctoral students


Arina Startseva

Lab Assistant


Alexander Sabanov

Lab Assistant

Former team members


Prof. Dr. Thomas Sturm

Head of the Lab (2019-2021)


Prof. Dr. David John Bakhurst

Key Researcher


Dr. Martin Johannes Sticker

Key Researcher


Prof. Dr. Valentin A. Bazhanov

Key Researcher


Prof. Dr. Alexey N. Krouglov

Key Researcher


Dr. Rudolf Meer

Senior Research Fellow


Dr. Leonid Yu. Kornilaev

Senior Research Fellow


Dr. Michael Lewin

Senior Research Fellow


Denis V. Mikhalev, M.A.

PhD Student, Junior Research Fellow


Polina R. Bonadyseva, B.A.

Lab Assistant


Pavel Zaguzin, B.A.

Lab Assistant