“(Like Montesquieu and Descartes) Kant … commanded the future more than Napoléon from his throne.“ 
— Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., Montesquieu:
A Critical and Biographical Introduction
to “The Spirit of the Laws“ (1900), xiv.





January 24, 2022: Two researchers of the “Kantian Rationality Lab” have successfully defended their theses for the doctor degree in the field of “History of Philosophy”! Both defenses took place in the Dissertation Council of the Moscow Pedagogical State University.
Mikhail Zagirnyak defended his doctoral thesis on The Concept of Sociality in the neo-Kantianism of the Russian Abroad in the First Half of XX century, the scientific adviser was Nina Dmitrieva.
David Rozhin defended his PhD thesis on Reception of I. Kant’s Philosophical Ideas in the System of Transcendental Monism of V. D. Kudryavtsev-Platonov, research supervisor – Vadim Chaly.


December 2021: A research project of the laboratory staff was supported by the Russian Science Foundation. The project Perspectivism as an Epistemological Program is supported for the period 2022-2023 (grant number 22-28-02041). Principle investigator is Mikhail Levin, co-investigators are Vadim Chaly, Sergey Lugovoy, and Leonid Kornilaev.

Project objectives:
(a) To develop a conceptual model underlying perspectivism as an epistemological programme,
b) To demonstrate the independence of perspectivism from other epistemological programmes,
c) To develop and test a methodology productive of in-depth analysis of epistemological ideas in the history of philosophy.

The tasks of the project include
1) Theoretical development of the conceptual model underlying perspectivism,
2) to clarify the specificity and interrelation of perspectivism with other epistemological programmes (perspective realism, relativism, contextualism, hermeneutics), and
3) to apply the developed perspectivist model in historical-philosophical analysis to identify perspectivist elements in those philosophical theories that are either explicitly perspectivist (Nietzsche), or widely use perspectivist terminology and perspectivist settings (I. Kant, history of philosophy of science represented by I. Lakatos, T. Kuhn, phenomenology of E. Husserl and M. Merleau-Ponty).


February 15, 2021: Team member Andrey Zilber successfully defended his PhD thesis on Polemics in Kants Political Philosophy: Historical and Philosophical Contexts, written under the direction of Nina Dmitrieva.

December 2020: Dr. Leonid Kornilaev (Kaliningrad) and Polina Bonadyseva, B.A. (Kaliningrad) received a President’s grant from the Russian Federation for young Russian scientists-PhD, for a project on Fichtes Philosophy in Russian Neo-Kantianism. This project will be running from 2021-2022. Leonid Kornilaev will be PI, and Polina Bonadyseva will act as co-investigator in this project. The project will complement the Megagrant in another important respect, namely by reassessing Kant’s and Fichte’s impact upon Neo-Kantian philosophy in Russia during the 19th and 20th centuries. Congratulations, Leonid and Polina!