“Kantian Journal / Kantovskii Sbornik” (ISSN 0207-6918; e-ISSN 2310-3701) is a scientific journal with more than forty years of history. The Journal is published by the Academia Kantiana, a research subdivision of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University’s Institute for Humanities. The central focus of the Academia’s research programme is the study of Immanuel Kant’s philosophy and its reception in Russian and other philosophical traditions, along with the history of Russian Neo-Kantianism, and the study of the Enlightenment project and its relevance for the twenty first century.

The history of its publishing extends back for almost 40 years. The starting point of the Journal was the first Kant-Readings conference devoted to Kant’s 240th anniversary which took place in the Kaliningrad university in 1974. Following the results of the Kant-Readings in 1975 collection of works “Issues of theoretical legacy of Immanuel Kant. Vol. 1” was published. This name was used for publishing the collection as an annual publication until 1980. Starting the next year as a result of the suggestion made by professor A. Gulyga the collection was renamed “Kantovskii Sbornik”. Until 2006 the collection was also published as an annual publication. Not only the materials of Kant Readings, but also new translations of Kant’s, Hegel’s and Fichte’s works and articles of leading Russian, German and American Kant researchers could be found in them. From the very first issue until 2005 professor Leonard Kalinnikov has been its editor-in-chief.

2008 was an important year for the Journal. It started to come out twice a year as a periodic scientific journal and appeared in the subscription list of Russian periodicals. It featured several new sections: “Receptions of Kant’s Philosophy”, “Neo-Kantianism”, “Logic and Argumentation Theory”, “Social and Cultural Philosophy” and “Historic Research. Archives. Documents”. Also sections on scientific discussions, criticism and bibliography, as well as on philosophic life in the country and in the world were introduced.

Simultaneously Kant Institute for research was created at the Immanuel Kant State University of Russia in order to develop Kant studies, translate philosophic texts and promote Kant’s philosophy. The Journal in its turn became a media tool for the Institute. Since 2010 the Journal has been coming out 4 times a year and has been included in the list of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles. The Journal features articles by leading Russian Kant researchers  V. Zhuchkov, V. Vasilyev, S. Chernov, T. Oyzerman, A. Krouglov, D. Razeyev and others, as well as translations by J. Habermas, B. Dörflinger, A. Honneth, R. Howell, and others. “Publications” section contained various materials never available for Russian readers before. For example, it featured some brand new translations of works of I. Kant, P. Natorp, M. Mendelson, the translation of correspondence between I. Kant and G. Hamann, etc.

From 2008 to 2012 Prof. Vladimir Bryushinkin (1953  2012) was the editor-in-chief. It was him who boosted the development of the Journal during this period.

Since 2018 all papers in the Journal are published in both Russian and English / German. The Journal’s names in Russian and English are Kantovskii Sbornik and Kantian Journal respectively.

The content of the Journal is formed by research articles dedicated to various aspects of Kant’s philosophy, its reception, critique and transformation within different philosophical traditions, and its applicability to solving both scientific and critical problems that are relevant today. Besides this, the Journal’s thematic focus also includes the studies of Neo-Kantianism and of Enlightenment philosophy and the perspectives of its revival in contemporary intellectual discourse.

Structure of the Journal

Articles — the main section of the Journal, which consists of original research papers whose theme falls under one of these categories:

  • Kant’s Philosophy
  • Kant: pro et contra
  • Neo-Kantianism
  • Philosophy of the Enlightenment and its Relevance

Archive — the section in which the results of historical research on Kant, Neo-Kantianism or the Enlightenment are published. Priority is given to the first publication of archive or the republication of hard-to-come-by texts accompanied by an introduction and commentary. The translations of documentary or historical sources of a smaller volume which have not been translated into Russian before may also be accepted for publication.

Interview, as the name suggests, is reserved for publishing conversations with prominent scholars specialising in Kant or other themes of interest for the Kantian Journal. The aim of these interviews is to clarify the characteristics of the proposed interpretations, the contents of the developed concepts and the perspectives of the current research projects, along with discussion of other questions related to the current situation in philosophy.

Discussion is for papers which offer polemical analysis of a specific concept or problem, that has already been stated in an academic publication (e.g. a book or an article).

Reviews of the books published in Russia or abroad within the last decade and related to the thematic scope of the Journal are published in a separate section. Priority is given to reviews that do not only transmit the contents of the reviewed book, but also analyse its most interesting perspective claims and hypotheses.

Conference Reports section presents the analytic reports of Russian or international academic events related to Kant scholarship, Neo-Kantianism or to the philosophy of the Enlightenment.

Announcements of upcoming academic events, such as seminars, conferences, congresses, presentations, as well as dissertation defences, publication of new monographs or translations related to the Journal’s thematic scope are published in a separate section.

All sections excluding the “Articles” do not necessarily appear in every issue of the Journal. Their presence depends on the content of the materials submitted by the authors.

All articles are available online on the website of the IKBFU’s United Scientific Journal Editorial Office and at elibrary.ru.

Articles for the Journal must be submitted by email to kant@kantiana.ru and addressed to the Kantian Journal editor-in-chief Nina A. Dmitrieva or chief secretaries Anatoly Pushkarsky (for contributors in Russian) and Andrey Zilber (for contributors in English or German).

You can subscribe to Kantian Journal at any “Rospechat” office. The journal’s index in the catalogue is 80623, it comes out 4 times a year.