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A murder of an Afro-American detainee by a policeman at the end of May

From Self-Preservation to Cosmopolitan Friendship: Kant and the Ascent of Love

“Kant-Lectures” of the Academia Kantiana Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University 20 February 2018 Pärttyli Rinne

Kants Weltbegriff der Philosophie

              Jürgen Stolzenberg Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg Kants Weltbegriff der

Con-Textos Kantianos. Núm. 4 (2016)

Table of Contents Complete Journal Complete journal PDF (Español (España)) i-400 Editorial Team Editorial

Con-Textos Kantianos. Núm. 2 (2015)

El número 2 de Con-Textos Kantianos (International Journal of Philosophy) presenta varias novedades con

Professor Mario Caimi: „Vierzig Jahre meines Lebens habe ich der Kant-Forschung gewidmet“

– Sie sind in Kaliningrad angekommen, um sich in den Geist des Ortes einzufühlen,

Tomasz Kupś. Perspektiven neuer Forschungen an der Rezeption von Kant und neue „Kantiana” in den polnischen Sammlungen

Es ist sehr viel zum Thema der Rezeption von der Kant-Philosophie in Polen geschrieben

Valentin Balanovskiy. Priorities of Kant Studies for the Next Decade

Direction into the future is typical for philosophy. The debate during the last XI

Estudos Kantianos. Vol. 2, No 02 (2014)

Sumário In Memoriam Clélia Aparecida Martins (1961-2014) In Memoriam Clélia Aparecida Martins (1961-2014) PDF

Kant’s Project of Perpetual Peace in the Context of Contemporary Politics (20-22 of April 2012)

This book contains the proceedings in English and in German, based on working papers

L. Kalinnikov. “To Think of a Thing and to Learn a Thing is not The Same”, or E.T.A. Hoffmann and “Transcendental Analysis”

Taking something to be true is an occurrence in our understanding that may rest

V. Yermolayev. Kant on “Logical Objection” to Ontological Argument: Fragment R 3706

1. On the term “logical argument” In “The ontological proof of God’s existence” [17]

V. Chaly. Anthropological Foundations of John Rawls’ Political Theory

A certain understanding of human nature is always at the core of a political

V. Bazhanov. Kantian Motifs in Logic and Philosophy of Science. The Idea of Unity of A Priory And Empirical Elements of Cognition

I. Kant’s philosophical ideas refer to the most concealed features and elements of cognitive

S. Chernov. Zero Philosophy

… Gives itself a senseless possibility of an extrasensory experience, directly contradicting itself (to