“(Like Montesquieu and Descartes) Kant … commanded the future more than Napoléon from his throne.“ 
— Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., Montesquieu:
A Critical and Biographical Introduction
to “The Spirit of the Laws“ (1900), xiv.





February 15, 2021: Team member Andrey Zilber successfully defended his PhD thesis on Polemics in Kants Political Philosophy: Historical and Philosophical Contexts, written under the direction of Nina Dmitrieva. Congratulations, Dr. Zilber!

December 2020: Dr. Leonid Kornilaev (Kaliningrad) and Polina Bonadyseva, B.A. (Kaliningrad) received a President’s grant from the Russian Federation for young Russian scientists-PhD, for a project on Fichtes Philosophy in Russian Neo-Kantianism. This project will be running from 2021-2022. Leonid Kornilaev will be PI, and Polina Bonadyseva will act as co-investigator in this project. The project will complement the Megagrant in another important respect, namely by reassessing Kant’s and Fichte’s impact upon Neo-Kantian philosophy in Russia during the 19th and 20th centuries. Congratulations, Leonid and Polina!