Kantovskii Sbornik / Kantian Journal: 2023 № 4

  1. Chaly V. A. Vladimir Nikiforovich Bryushinkin: Seventieth Birthday Anniversary
  2. Elbakyan A. A. Open Use of Reason: Socrates and Kant
  3. Rozhin D. O. Between Kant and Trendelenburg: On the Genealogy of Kudryavtsev-Platonov’s Theory of Cognition
  4. Olkhov P. A., Motovnikova E. N., Kuskova L. E. Immanuel Kant in the Conversations and Reflections of Nikolay Strakhov
  5. Martynova S. A. The Boundaries of Ecological Ethics: Kant’s Philosophy in Dialog with the “End of Human Exclusiveness” Thesis
  6. Zagirnyak M. Yu. The Relationship Between the Individual and the Collective in the Social Philosophy of Georges Gurvitch
  7. Gurvitch G., Zagirnyak M. Yu. Mass, Community, Communion
  8. Shchedrina T. G., Shchedrina I. O. Gustav Shpet’s “Notes on Kant”: On the Meaning of “Positive Critique”
  9. Dmitrieva N. A. Vivos Voco. Post-war Correspondence between Sergey Hessen and Ivan Lapshin: Year 1946
  10. Sobka A. A. The Role of the Kantian “Power of Judgment” in the “Nonmodern” Study of Conscious Experience
  11. Neapolitanskiy M. S. The Imperishable Kant: Deleuze on the Consistency of the Faculties of Reason
  12. Fedotova Yu. S. The Problem of the Possibility of an Artificial Moral Agent in the Context of Kant’s Practical Philosophy
  13. Stelmakhov D. A. Creative Potential of Artificial Intelligence in the Context of the Idea of the New Enlightenment
  14. Brosova N.Z. In memory of Tamara B. Dlugach (19.08.1935—18.05.2023)

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