Vadim A. Chaly is professor at the Institute for Humanities, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. He was Dept of Philosophy chairperson of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in 2012-2016.

His main areas of work are Kant’s moral and political philosophy, contemporary English-language Kantianism. His research interests include also analytic philosophy, philosophy of science, Modern philosophy.

He was research fellow at Leuven University (Erasmus Mobility Programm, 2010-2011), at Columbia University (Fulbright Programm, 2005-2006), at Oxford University (Zeit Foundation Funding, 2002).

His numerous publications include the book Kant and contemporary English-language philosophers: discussions about rationality, justice and modernity (2015, in Russ.).

Research topic in the Kantian Rationality Lab:

– critical reconsidering of the results of the work on the reconstruction of Kant’s model of ethical assessment of decisions initiated by Rawls and continued by his followers;

– study of Kants theory of duty in its application to modem discussion between supporters of rigorism, and their opponents, supporters of the so-called “yuppie ethics”.

Researcher ID: Q-7353-2016

Email: vadim.chaly [at]