Rudolf Meer is post-doc researcher at the Center of History of Science, University of Graz. Before joining the Center of History of Science in 2020, he held positions at the Department of Philosophy, University of Graz (2013-2019), the Academia Kantiana, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (2019-2020).

His areas of specialization are Kant’s theoretical philosophy, the realism/non-realism debate, and the relations between philosophy and history of science. He is the author of „Der Transzendentale Grundsatz der Vernunft. Funktion und Struktur des Anhangs zur Transzendentalen Dialektik“ (2019), and editor of „Alois Riehl and the Realist Way to Critical Philosophy“ (forthcoming 2020) as well as „Konzepte der Einbildungskraft in der Philosophie, den Wissenschaften und Künsten des 18. Jahrhunderts” (2019).

Recently published articles in peer-reviewed journals Logique & Analyse (#63, 2020), Kantian Journal (#38, 2019), Estudios Kantianos (#4, 2019).

Research topic in the Kantian Rationality Lab:

Analysis of the potential of Kant’s scientific-historical considerations in the construction of a consistent critical concept of rational natural science.

Researcher ID V-2913-2018

ORCID: 0000-0001-5349-9210

Email: rudolf.meer [at]