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Marianne Motherby: Kant und die Familie Motherby

Robert Motherby, der langjährige Freund Kants, wurde am 23.12.1736 in Hull (Yorkshire, England) geboren.

Hiroo Nakamura. Kants Weg zum ewigen Frieden im 21. Jahrhundert

„Sei Nagasaki die letzte Atombombenopferstadt!“ – Die vernünftigen Menschen in Japan schämen sich dafür,

Vladimir Bryushinkin. Kant’s Logic and Synthesis of Ontologies in Intellectual Systems

This article develops a procedure of the synthesis of actual experience according to Kant’s “Critique

Professor T. Rosefeldt: «Kant is being studied everywhere now»

Since 2010 professor Tobias Rosefeldt has been the head of the Department of Classic

Luigi Caranti. Perpetual Peace and Liberal Peace: Three Misunderstandings

In the definitive articles of Toward Perpetual Peace (1795), Kant advocated three main institutional